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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an “Open Play” session? Do I need to bring people with me?

An Open Play session is a 2 hour block that anyone (Member or Visitor) can sign up for and get to play games with other players. You can play with people in similar skill levels and make new friends.

Are Open Play sessions going to be skill based?

We will have courts that are dedicated to each skill level so that players can get plenty of fun, competitive games in with similarly skilled opponents.

How will Revolve be different from playing at a public park?

First off, we LOVE playing at public parks. But because we are a private facility we have the ability to run lots of events that public courts can’t provide. We can run Leagues, Round Robins, Mini Tournaments, Social Events, etc. We also 100% believe that the best way to play Pickleball is when you are playing with people of similar skill levels.

Can you explain the Private Court Rental Costs?

Both Members and Visitors can rent a court and bring their own group of friends to play for up to 2 hours at a time. Members and Visitors pay different rates to rent. Visitors pay at a rate of $36/hour but this rate is split between the number of people on the reservation. So if 4 people rent a court and they are all Visitors, then each person will pay $9/hour ($36 divided by 4 people). Bronze Members pay at a rate of $24/hour. So if a Bronze member rents a court and invites 3 Visitors, each of the Visitors will pay $9/hour (same as above) but the Bronze Member will only pay $6/hour ($24 divided by 4 people).