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The Road So Far

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It’s been a busy and, at times, slow last couple of months as we are getting closer to our goal. We are hoping to get started on our buildout in the next couple of weeks but for now, let’s take a look back at what we’ve accomplished so far.

Before purchasing the property, our first step was to get a conditional use permit to allow for the building to be used for pickleball. The board only meets once a month and all applications have to be in by a certain date and time to be brought up at the next meeting. After learning about the process and receiving the application, it turned out that this deadline was just 2 hours away. Thanks to my father-in-law’s career in landscape architecture and him having gone through this process numerous times, this was a relatively easy process. A few weeks later, the City of Cleveland had their board meeting and had no issues with our intended use and our application was approved in November of 2022.

After purchasing the building, we have been working with our architect to come up with a floor plan that works well inside of the existing structure. One of the challenges was trying to maximize the number of courts that we can fit and working around the existing support posts. We didn’t want to cram the courts in so that they’re on top of one another, and we wanted to have our courts as spacious as possible for the most advanced players to have plenty of room. Each court will have its own fence so we should eliminate the vast majority of balls from other courts interfering with your games. We have nailed down the layout and will have 8 courts at 64’x34′ and 5 courts at 60’x34′ for a total of 13 courts. Our architect has drawn up the plans and is finalizing all the specifics to submit to the city inspector and fire marshal for approval. We are hoping to have our plans submitted this week. Once we submit, we should hear back within 2 weeks with either a green light to start building out or we’ll receive comments about items that need to be changed to meet code.